In the spring of 2017, during a Portuguese ‘Artist Residence’, Miriam Slaats (The Netherlands) and Rob Monaghan (Ireland)  met. The fascination felt for Slaats on oil-containing poly-material in all its facets also struck Monaghan deeply in his artist’s heart. After much discussion, experiments, investigations, illuminating properties and how ‘BLOB’ relates to nature, a fascinating collaboration between the two artists developed. In 2018 they initiated the “BLOB art movement”.

Nowadays they travel globally together, the BLOB material travels with them, from the European marble mines to the oceanic depths in the Middle East. Their collaborative works are of a very spontaneous nature, where Slaats as BLOB founder is the concept-director and often becomes performer, Monaghan is the BLOB visual artist and documents during their ongoing journeys. It provides the viewer with a fascinating visual language. Referencing the four elements of water, fire, earth and air, it is the basis for the varied metaphorical references of ‘oil’ and how we use and re-use it. It is observing environmental sensitivity, offers a mirror to industry, shines light on cultural norms and human intervention.

‘The BLOB art movement’ is a platform that opens up conversations, is substance for education and makes us aware that you can view things from a different perspective. Allowing one the experience of a renewed beauty.