One day, someone noticed this strange blob. A blob of black matter welling up from the ground. Warm to the touch, smelly, sticky, mysterious. It must have made him wonder. What on earth was this? What could you do with it? Could this be useful? As it turned out, yes it could !!!! In the end oil has shaped our very planet. It fueled our human desire to move forward. It sparked new industries and economies. It inspired us to make it work for our lives. Where we are today, we are because of that first blob. The blob of oil that made someone wonder. As BLOB we want to honor that moment. The moment of wonder brought about by oil. We want to use oil to fuel people’s minds. We will take oil and everything to be derived from it. Be it pvc, plastics, paint or any poly imaginable. We will shape it into art that makes people wonder. Wonder about the force inside oil. Wonder about the beauty of the beast. Love it for what it done for us all. Hate it for what it has inflicted on us too. Admire it for its incredible versatility. Smile at the silly shapes it can produce. We will shape oil in any way possible. Fueling your thinking in any way possible. In sculptures, paintings, video and experiences. In museums and galleries. On streets and online. Whatever you feel about oil. BLOB aims to inspire you to form you own blob. Blobs of thinking that surprise yourself. Blobs you may want to share or discuss. Creative blobs sparking new thinking inside you. Or just happy blobs to lift your day. As artists united in BLOB, our only aim is to make the world wonder. About oil and about the plastics that came from it. About the usefulness of plastics we all enjoyed. But also about the danger it now delivers at our planet’s doorstep. With art out of plastics, BLOB is here to fuel your mind.