Coincidence, with plastic, that is what characterizes the HANDLE WITH CARE art series. The plastic from which these objects are made has literally been removed from the waste container.

Plastic is the beauty but also the beast… we all use this material every day, it can no longer be ignored from our lives. To prevent it from destroying our nature, we need to find new ways to deal with it.

Miriam Slaats turns waste plastic into BLOB ART objects, to communicate a story and speak a language of rebirth and consciousness.

Be aware, take responsibility for yourself and our universe by consciously dealing with plastic. By choosing a personalized HANDLE WITH CARE connector number, you show that you contribute to this philosophy and that you embrace awareness. The collective will empower and set the energy in motion.



Made out of waste plastic by Miriam Slaats

To be seen from 21-24 October 2021 @ MASTERLY THE HAGUE

Information: Sylvia Vrooyink . De Kliuw . + 31 6 51 10 26 16