HI … I’M HOME ! 

Smallest BLOB ART object HI…I’M HOME ! will found its place end of 2019 in the Dutch Miniature Museum of Contemporary Art ….

MIRIAM SLAATS, multidisciplinary artist and founder of BLOB ART, propagates her theme OIL = PLASTIC = ART worldwide. Meanwhile she has set up the BLOB art.movement and she is working on several international projects, including ‘ON THE ROAD TO DUBAI’. In association with BLOB co-artist Rob Monaghan, Slaats conceived the plan to travel to the Middle East from Europe in a container lorry. A trip to build a bridge between the Netherlands and the UAE, with the world trade fair ‘DUBAI 2020’ as its final destination. The tour will be about the creation of art. Together with the theme ART & PLANET there will be interaction between man and nature. Impulses are delivered that plastic is versatile as a material and does, as such, move as a living organism. This way BLOB ART speaks a ‘universal language’ and will feel at home comfortably anywhere in the world. When Ria and Lex Daniëls, owners of the Miniature Museum, invited Slaats to add a ‘piece of art’ to the collection, it was immediately clear to Slaats. To counter all the worldly travel projects, the metaphorical idea is that there is a home in the country of birth of her BLOB. A safe place to return to as a ‘home base’, it’s a feeding and stimulating source of inspiration.