In spring 2019, De Polder, an art studio for people with ABI (Acquired Brain Injury), requested the BLOB art.movement to cooperate in a project with the intention to encourage people to participate in art. Scientific research has shown that art in general has a positive effect on people’s health and wellbeing.

What could the BLOB art.movement mean for an ABI art studio? We discussed the possibilities and explored whether inspirational support could be found for initiating a small-scale project.

When people are diagnosed with an ABI following an incident, their lives are turned upside down in a split second. A new equilibrium has to be found, not only by the person in question, but also by their family, friends and environment; they have to adapt to a new way of life.

The BLOB art.movement is an international art group that works with the material and theme of plastic, in every sense of the word. The people’s plastic; the material that works for us as ‘the beauty’, but also against us as ‘the beast’. In order to preserve the earth, we will have to find a different way to deal with the overwhelming amount of plastic on our planet. It is a process of becoming aware, and finding a suitable balance, thus creating a new balance.

We discovered a wonderful metaphorical parallel regarding the lives of those with ABI and the BLOB art.movement philosophy: rebirth. And so an inspiring corporation evolved which brought together art for planet and human wellbeing. It is a blend that has resulted in an energetic project which, under the flag of BLOB art.movement, has been included as a type of Outsider Art.

The title of the project is PINDIKA PLASTICA, and shows that that rebirth comprises both power and beauty.

Miriam Slaats

Founder, BLOB art.movement



art-piece Patricia . title In my power . photo Dick Schoenmakers